That’s a Wrap!

Sechanalyagh to all of those that participated and supported this event!

This event was held in collaboration with Indigenous Sport, Physical  Activity and Recreation Council (ISPARC), First Nations Health Authority (FNHA), Tsilhqot’in National Government (TNG), Yeqox Nilin Justice Society and Three Corners Health Services Society.

Race Results – June 2, 2022

Bib #Name Age RangeRace categoryTime 
163Sanin Haig-Brown12 & Under 5km Run33:33.0
139Zack William12 & under5km Run44:13.0
182Sloan Fuller 12 & Under 5km Run56:36.0
183Sawyer Fuller 12 & Under 5km Run58:52.0
184Sterlyng Fuller 12 & Under 5km Run58:52.0
162Carlin Haines19-545km Run32:36.0
170Myanna Desaulniers19-545km Run33:54.0
198Jimmy Harry19-545km Run35:26.0
181Bailey Fuller19-545km Run58:52.0
165Gene Cooper55+5km Run44:43.0
138JACOB WILLIAM12 & Under5km Walk68:30:00
174Thoran Jansan13-185km Walk57:51:00
175Phillip Haller19-545km Walk51:53:00
176Rebecca Mack19-545km Walk51:53:00
136Shawn Harry19-545km Walk52:41:00
143LORI BILLYBOY19-545km Walk54:42:00
194Bernice Koepke19-545km Walk55:50:00
140Goldie Haller19-545km Walk57:07:00
172jenny philbrick19-545km Walk65:14:00
177Sherry Stump19-545km Walk65:14:00
137GAILENE WILLIAM19-545km Walk68:29:00
141Lennie Billy19-545km Walk69:01:00
178Shirley Diablio19-545km Walk69:01:00
144SILVER SUPERNAULT19-545km Walk70:15:00
171RACHEL MELDRUM19-545km Walk70:15:00
195Bev Atkins55+5km Walk51:46:00
173Daryl Elkins55+5km Walk57:55:00
196Teresa Johnny55+5km Walk58:28:00
199Tom Wittal55+5km Walk60:03:00
197Uli Wittal55+5km Walk60:04:00
142Mildred Tenale55+5km Walk69:05:00
167Jimmy Lulua19-5410km Run0h 53m 50s
180Tyler Judd19-5410km Run1h10m
164Lisa Boyd19-5410km Run1h11m
185Brittany Woods19-5410km Run1h14m
169ALBERT WILLIAM55+10km Run1h24m 
166Randy Radney55+10km Walk01:48.0
168Sharon Henry 55+10km Walk02:13.0

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