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Forests are an integral part of the Tsilhqot'in people's livelihood and as such the Nation works to protect our rights and interests within forest resource activities. As changes in the forestry sector are made, the TNG works to keep our communities informed about economic opportunities and protect our Aboriginal rights & title.

The land-based referral process creates opportunities for Tsilhqot'in people to voice concerns and build traditional and cultural values into current projects to ensure preservation and respect.

Gene Cooper, Forestry Liaison
  Since 1993, Gene has worked as a Forestry Liaison Worker at TNG for the Tsilhqot'in Communities. Gene Cooper

Licensees of the Williams Lake Timber Supply Area (WLTSA) request that he communicates forest development plans to Tsilhqot'in communities and schedules meetings to facilitate dialogue.

Gene also works through the consultation process set out in the guidelines of the Tsilhqot'in Stewardship Agreement.

He works with the Tsilhqot'in Stewardship Department in any new developments that enhance communication between communities and resource development companies.

Sally Sellars, Community Natural Resource Worker
  Sally is Northern Secwepemc, with her home band being Xat's?ll/ C'metem (Soda/Deep Creek). Sally Sellars

Sally started at TNG in July of 2012. Her education includes a Bachelor of Science in Forestry from UBC, Forest Resource Technologist from NVIT, and in 2010 she became an RPF (Registered Professional Forester).

Sally assists the Tsilhqot'in communities and members with resource development concerns and issues. Through a unique referral process, she acts as a liaison to ensure direct communication so concerns can be addressed with current and revised strategies.

Sally is involved with many projects, including: South Chilcotin Stewardship Council; Tsilhqot'in Stewardship Council and Joint Resource Council; Tsilhqot'in Stewardship Agreement; TNG Forest Stewardship Plan; andTNG Forest Development Plans

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