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The Tsilhqot'in Health Hub was formed in 2010 to bring communities within the Tsilhqot'in Nation together to communicate, collaborate and plan for improved health care to its members.

Health Hubs were formed across the Province of BC to assist with the implementation of the Tripartite First Nations Health Plan. The Federal and Provincial Governments together with First Nations in BC are in the process of taking over control of health care for their people in BC.

Health Hubs have been developed by bringing communities together to form a strong voice at the table to ensure that no communities are left behind.

The First Nations Health Council provides funding to Community Engagement Hubs to hire a Hub Coordinator and allow communities to meet, collaborate and plan for overall better health for First Nations people.

To read more about the Tsilhqot'in Health Hub and read about the member communities click here.

Things the Mental Health Navigator can do for Tsilhqot'in members and non-members include:

Direct members to available mental health resources in the Cariboo/Chilcotin, including basic needs (housing, food, safety, etc.);

Discuss the effects of trauma, mental health and substance use;

Meet with service providers in Williams Lake to build well informed partnerships;

Help you get into the services you want or need related to your mental health; and

Obtaining grant money to further restore tradition and health in communities and train community members to treat the effects of complex trauma.

If you would like to meet with the Mental Health Navigator please email or call TNG and ask to speak to Tanya. When you call, you do not have to identify yourself to staff if you do not want to.

For local mental health information see the resource guide.

Connie Jasper, Health Hub Coordinator
  My name is Connie Jasper and I have worked as the Health Hub Coordinator since July of 2010. Connie Jasper

I was born and raised in Chezacut and my family name is Mulvahill. My grandmother's family is from Tl'etinqox-t'in.

Prior to working at TNG, I worked for Three Corners Health Service for 7 years. I provided advocacy and support counseling, working extensively on Residential School claims as well as Non Insured Health Benefits, Child Apprehension and court related matters.

Changes are happening on how health care will be delivered to First Nations people on reserve. The decisions will be made locally and this should allow for communities to make decisions based on community needs.

  Tanya Mores, Mental Health Navigator
  Tanya Mores has been the Mental Health Navigator for the Tsilhqot’in National Government since January 2015.

Tammy Haller
  She has lived in Williams Lake since 1982 with her husband and two daughters. Tanya has her Bachelors Degree in Social Work and is in the process of applying for her Masters.

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