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Negotiations & External Affairs

253 4th Avenue North

Williams Lake BC, V2G 4T4

Phone: (250) 392-3918

Fax: (250) 398-5798


1729 South Lakeside Drive

Williams Lake BC, V2G 3A9

Phone: (778) 799-2145

Fax: (778) 799-2142



For inquiries regarding access to or more information on the Declared Title Area, please call Xeni Gwet'in Government at (250) 394-7023.

For media inquiries please call Jacey Warne, Interim Communications Manager, at (778) 799-2145 or

Staff Directory


TNG Executive Director and Human Resource Manager, Jenny Philbrick,, ext. 115

Executive Assistant, Sharmon Alphonse,, ext. 116

Reception, Teriann Elkins,, ext. 100

Finance Manager, Linda Haig-Brown,, ext. 111

Finance Officer, Andrea William,, ext. 125

Accounts Payable, Caitlin Sellars,

Accounts Payable, Tahnea Bearhead,

File Clerk, Beverly Guichon,, ext. 121

Employment Coordinator, Kayla Lulua,, ext. 109

Indian Registrar, Jodie Jim,, ext. 132


Health Manager, Connie Jasper,, (250) 398-8575

Health Programs Coordinator, Lorna Elkins,, (250) 398-8575

Community Dietitian & Nutritionist, Megan Dark,,(250) 398-8575

Indigenous Health Dietitian, Hannah Zmudzinski, RD(t),, (250) 398- 8575

Health Liaison, Dakotah Casey, (250) 398-8575

Home Care Nurse Consultant, Wanda Charleyboy, (250) 398-8575

Emergency Manager, Brian Moore,

Deputy Community Recovery Manager, Danielle Gilpin, ext. 126


Fisheries Coordinator, Paul Grinder,, ext. 114

Fisheries Guardian & Canadian Firearms Safety Course Instructor, Randy Billyboy,, ext. 113

Fisheries Field Coordinator, Leonard English,

Fisheries Strategy Lead, Michelle L. Tung

Fisheries Biologist, Pete Nicklin, R.P. Bio.

Stewardship Department

Stewarship Manager, Luke Doxtator,, ext. 103

Senior Administrative Assistant & Indian Registrar, Jodie Jim,, ext. 120

Forestry Operations Manager, Jeremy Boyd,, ext. 107

Forestry Liaison Worker, Gene Cooper,, ext. 106

Natural Resource Worker, Lennon Solomon,, ext. 133

GIS Team Lead, TNG Portal Administrator, Sarah Gash,, ext. 101

GIS Technician, Shane Doddridge,, ext. 102

GIS Technician, Emily Campbell,

IT Technician, Vacant

Wildlife Biologist, Mitchell Warne, R.P. Bio.,, ext. 105

Mining, Oil & Gas Coordinator, Helga Harlander,

Community Referral Workers

Tl'esqox Referral Worker, Elizabeth Rosette,, (250) 659-5655

Tl'etinqox Referral Worker, Joshua Elkins,, (250) 394-4212

Tŝi Deldel Referral Worker, Vacant

ʔEsilagh Referral Worker, Linda Siwallace,, (250) 991-6000, Quesnel (250) 747-2002, ʔEsdilagh

Xeni Gwet'in Referral Worker, Tamara William,, (250) 394-7023

Negotiations & External Affairs

Telephone:  778-799-2145  Fax:  778-799-2142

1729 South Lakeside Drive, Williams Lake, BC  V2G 3A9

Reception, Kayla Wycott,, ext. 2000

Administrative Assistant, Tammy Haller,, ext. 2000

Executive Lead, Jay Nelson, contact through Daana Gilpin

Executive Assistant, Daana Gilpin,, ext. 2810

Negotiations Team Manager, Helen Nemeth,, ext. 2500

Communications Manager (Term), Jacey Warne,

Communications Advisor, Loretta Williams,

Senior Advisor, Tsilhqot'in Nen (Water, Lands, Resources), JP Laplante,, 250-392-3918 ext. 104

Economic Development Sub-Table Co-Manager, Dolly Kershaw,, ext 2390

Senior Advisor, Housing and Infastructure, Shawn Wiebe,, ext. 2850

Governance Sub-Table Manager, Shawnee Palmantier,

Declared Title Area Sub-Table Manager, John Lerner, (604) 271-4616

Social-Cultural-Education-Justice Sub-Table Manager, Jody Nishimia,

Language & Education Liaison, Sherry Stump,, ext. 2424

Language App Developer, Aaron Plahn,, ext. 2750

Legal Advisor, Marcus Hadley,

Cultural Advisor, Peyal Laceese,

Events Coordinator, Tiana Johnny,


Radio Manager, Graham Gillies,, 778-412-1112

Community Radio Coordinator, Crystal Rain Harry,, 778-412-1112

Radio Assistant, Riley Myers,

Summer Student, Blake Sellars

Assistant to the Chiefs

Tl’etinqox, Pam Alphonse,, (250) 394-4212

Xeni Gwet’in, Margaret Lulua,, (250) 394-7023

Tŝi Deldel, Percy Guichon,

ʔEsdilagh, Brittany Spooner,

Tl’esqox, Violet Fuller,, (250) 659-5655 ext. 204

Yuneŝit’in, Jessica Setah-Alphonse,, (250) 394-4041